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Why Is Trusting Someone So Hard? These 5 Signs Will Reveal If You Have Trust Issues

Some of us are still haunted by past experiences…
Fairuz Shahar
20 Jul 2023, 10:20 AM

This article is sponsored by SIRIM

Woman suspicious of her male partnerImage via Canva; Edited by MIX

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, be it personal or professional. However, some of us find it hard to trust our partners, friends, colleagues, let alone strangers, due to bad experiences such as past betrayal, infidelity, manipulation, and a traumatic childhood.

Trust issues can hinder our ability to form meaningful connections and may even lead to several mental problems including the feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and inability to open up.


How do you know if you have trust issues?

#1 You fear being betrayed

Have you ever been hurt by someone you trusted? People with trust issues carry emotional scars from past betrayals. They’re afraid of getting hurt again, and this fear acts as a shield, keeping them from forming new connections.


#2 You’re not ready for a change

Change can be exciting, but for those with trust issues, it can be scary. You prefer familiar routines and environments because change feels like a possible disappointment. This fear of change can hold you back from personal growth and new opportunities.

For instance, although you’re unhappy at work, you refuse to change your job as you fear the unknown and worry about being let down at a new workplace.


#3 You constantly need reassurance

People with trust issues always seek validation from others. They have a deep need to be reminded that they can trust and rely on someone. For example, you frequently ask your spouse for reassurances of love and loyalty.


#4 You’re hypervigilant

You’re on a night out with friends but you find it difficult to enjoy as you remain vigilant, watching for any sign of deception or betrayal. This hypervigilance creates anxiety and makes it hard for you to relax and engage in social interactions.


#5 You’re always suspicious

You question your friends’ intentions, even when they’re genuinely trying to help. Because you always doubt the motives behind every action or statement, you might be isolated and disconnected from others.


What can you do to help reduce trust issues?

There are many steps you can take to start trusting again in your own time. Here are some of them:

  • Communicate. Be open with your feelings and don’t assume things about others.
  • Find out what the cause of the trust issue is. If it’s related to past betrayals, learn to set boundaries so that it doesn’t affect the present.
  • Avoid spying. Yes, it’s tempting, but this habit can quickly turn into an obsession, making things worse.


While trust is important, knowing WHO to trust is important too

Unfortunately, we live in a world where some prey on the gullible. We’ve read about scammers luring victims with shopping deals that are too good to be true, then disappearing with the money. When it comes to online shopping, it’s hard to tell the credibility of a seller that’s hidden behind a screen.


Thankfully, there’s a solution to this—the SIRIM Trusted Mark Scheme (STMS)!  


What is STMS?

SIRIM QAS International has recently launched STMS, a certification that recognises trusted companies selling products on e-commerce platforms.

Approved sellers will receive a Trusted mark that they can display on their online shops. The mark indicates that the seller is trustable, and that the products sold have passed performance and safety tests and are safe for use—something very important for both sellers and shoppers!


What brands are certified STMS sellers?

Some of the brands include Daikin, Panasonic, and Xiaomi:

Daikin SIRIM Trusted Mark SchemeImage via SIRIM



Panasonic SIRIM Trusted Mark SchemeImage via SIRIM


Xiaomi SIRIM Trusted Mark SchemeImage via SIRIM


Protect yourself and look for the logo the next time you shop online!


A sample logo of STMS logo for Panasonic’s hair dryerImage via SIRIM and Panasonic


A sample logo of STMS logo for Panasonic’s wireless headset

Image via SIRIM and Panasonic

If you’re an online seller looking to drive brand trust with STMS, call SIRIM at 03 5544 6400, WhatsApp 019 717 2627 or email You can also visit SIRIM’s Facebook , Instagram and Linkedin for more info.

Ada SIRIM, baru beli!

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